Why should I buy packaged blended spices?

There are over 1000 variety of spices all over the world, of which India has over a 100 varieties. Spice mixtures, made of spices are easily available locally, have been used in cuisine all over the world for thousands of years.

In modern times people are migrating from one place to another and may not always have access to their traditional spices to create a proper mix for their traditional dish. In India this trend is common both in migration within the country and out of it.

We have ensured that we have access to all the spices—and of premium quality— required for the various types of blends that we prepare. This allows people to enjoy their traditional food without the need to hunt for the ingredients.

Moreover, because of cultural mix that comes from frequent travel, there is a growing trend to appreciate food that is not of one’s own tradition. All over the world people of various cultures love to have Indian sambar-dosa and biryani, Chinese chili-chicken, Italian pastas and pizzas and American BBQ.

South Indians relish the Punjabi tandoori chicken and chole-bature. Many such instances can be given.

In such a scenario easy availability of authentic blends allows people to prepare their own traditional food if they have migrated to another part of the world or prepare other cultural cuisine at home for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Preparation of spices blends, even in small quantities, requires many steps, like procuring, winnowing, drying, roasting, grinding and storage. For an individual or family, the time spent in doing these series of tasks could be better spent in leisure or gainful work.

How do you prepare the blends?

A spice blend is essentially a formulation of a number of spices and other ingredients according to the flavor and aroma expected of the dish it is used to prepare.

Do you roast the ingredients in your blends?

Most of the raw material used in our spice blends are dry roasted before mixing and grinding, though not all. Roasting helps to minimize the moisture content of the ingredients thus increasing their shelf life. Also, the aroma, of some ingredients, blend better when pre-roasted.

Additionally, some of our blends require that the ingredients be oil roasted before mixing and grinding.

How are the products, available online, packed?

Currently we pack all our products only in PET jars. Later we propose to pack them in secure zip-lock pouches and flint jars. The powdered blended spice is put into food-grade BOPP bags and sealed. The filled bag is inserted into the jar. The jar is closed and sealed with a tape.

What are the available pack sizes?

Entry pack/Try-out pack Net Wt. 50g
Regular pack Net Wt. 200g
Stock pack Net Wt. 500g
Commercial pack Net Wt. 1kg

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