Kheema Ghotala is a delicious Mumbai’s ubiquitous Irani restaurants breakfast/lunch offering, served with fresh pav. Ghotala which means ‘making a mess’ can also be extended to mean ‘a scam’; the name in no way taints this delicious dish. Though this traditionally uses mutton mince, any other mince meat can be used.


Prawn Koliwada originated from the streets of Koliwada in Mumbai and has now a popular starter dish in many restaurants. Though traditionally small to medium sized prawns are used (is crunchier), larger prawns are also used (can turn out to be chewy).


Fish Koliwada as the name suggests originated on the streets of Koliwada, Mumbai and now a popular fare all over the city and elsewhere along with its counterparts made from chicken and prawn. Though traditionally made with Ravas fillet, you may use any fish fillet of your choice.


Mutton Paya Masala (or curry or soup) is very popular dish all over South Asia. The recipes naturally differ according to regional preferences. This recipe is for preparing the Mumbai street version, arguably the best. After bringing the trotters home make sure that stuff, like burnt skin and leftover hair and the hoof is properly removed.