The O!SPICES Marathi Mejwani, that is Marathi Cuisine, category has 11 most popular blends for the preparation of exquisite food and snacks from different parts of Maharashtra. Here is the list:

Malvani Masala popular for fish preparation. Kolhapuri Masala is used for preparing the famous Tambda Rassa. Goda Masala a mild but aromatic blend; the ingredients are lightly oil roasted before grinding. Brahmani Goda Masala is similar to the Goda Masala but does not contain chili. Mumbai Masala for the famous Mumbai street food, like pav bhaji, ragda pattis, koliwada prawn, fish and chicken. Dapoli Lal Masala is used for seafood, prawn, fish, crab, shell fish and mussel red curries. Chivda Masala used for the popular Marathi snack which is a mixture of rice (puffed or flattened), dry fruits, fried coconut etc. Misal-Usal Masala is used for preparing the popular usal, always present in a Marathi meal and also the popular snack/meal Misal. East Indian Bottle Masalaa used for food traditionally prepared by the original inhabitants of Mumbai and Thane. Koli Masala, for traditional food of the Agri/Koli community of the coastal Maharashtra region. Khandeshi Masala for preparation of delicious food of the Maharashtra Deccan plateau.

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