In general a garam-masala is a blend of spices, all of which are dry roasted or thoroughly sun-dried before grinding. The garam-masala composition varies from place to place, across the South Asian subcontinent. There is no one blend that can claim the name ‘Garam Masala’. Hence the garam-masala of Kashmir is quite different from that of Kerala, which is in turn quite different from the Maharashtra’s Kala Masala. However, the common feature of all garam-masalas is their pleasant aroma and they are usually (not always) used towards the end of the cooking process, so that the food imparts the characteristic fresh aroma and flavor of the spice blend.

O!SPICES Garam Masala category offers a wide range of garam-masalas used in different parts of India, literally from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Here you will find the spicy Lal Garam Masala for dhaba style food, Shahi and Zafrani Garam Masalas for mughali food, garam-masalas from some states and the unbeatable classic the Railway Garam Masala.

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